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  • Powerflare

New Theme!

Hey guys, it’s Powerflare! I just wanted to point everyone’s attention to the new theme created by our newest mod with some amazing talents, Wwe Best Fan! He coded the CSS and made tons of graphics including the amazing header (which I slightly modified, tee-hee)! I will be making some graphics in the future, too, so I don’t have to ask for a new graphic every time I make a new widget, page ect.

You should really check out Wwe’s graphics shop at http://thecpgfxshop.wordpress.com/. Here you can order graphics from one of the most talented graphic designers I’ve met. =D



24 Responses

  1. You should meet Pringle64, he is the great graphic designer of all the graphic designers of CP.

  2. That’s so cool! I love the new graphics! I can’t wait until PG is up forever! 😀

  3. when will the game be back online

  4. Hi Power I just wanted to let you know I quit Cp……….. But I’ll try and join Penguin Generation.

  5. ^ Who hasn’t quit CP? XD

  6. hey powerflare when is pg gonna be back online

  7. i mean by when can i play the game again

  8. I know Wwe Best Fan’s twitter. It’s @Bestminidude

  9. That’s not his twitter. >_< His twitter is @WweBestFan.

  10. What he said. XD My twitter is @WweBestFan

  11. powerflare can you please answer my question

  12. Whenever we decide to turn on the servers is when you can play. We don’t have scheduled times at the moment.

  13. okay powerflare thanks + YOUR AWSOME + i want to play penguin generation i figured out about this website in 2010 but i didnt know where i could log on but now i know where i could play so can you turn on the servers sometime this week please

  14. Yeah, there will be a special event starting tomorrow. Hopefully.

  15. wooooo hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! thanks powerflare i will check out pg tomrrow

  16. hey powerflare server is still offline and its tommrow you said there will be a special event

  17. Special event, eh? Hmm, what would this be?

  18. Oh… my… god… Wwebestfan finds his way into EVERY Penguin-related website..

  19. No one was online when I planned to release the special event. D: That’s unfortunate. I’m going away and I won’t be back until Saturday, so that is the next date for the event. 😦

  20. Good job Wwe Best Fan!

  21. If any of u hacked my email im gonna f*ck*ng kill u

  22. Jordan, I don’t understand you… one day you apologize for something and the next you accuse us of something that, 1, we have no knowledge of, and 2, you have no basis on which to accuse us. Also, I don’t get why you keep making useless threats like, “im gonna f*ck*ng kill u,” because it’s obvious that is just an angry statement and not a legit threat. Can you explain why this is happening (one minute, sorry/friendly, next minute, angry/hateful)…?

  23. Wow, wow, wow… I’ve seen Jordan saying bad words since he was removed as a moderator… I don’t like that very much, since my sister is reading the comments with me and she sees everythinng that Jordan says, and I can’t just tell her not to read, because then she wants to read even more.

  24. ^ Yes. It is, after all, against the rules.

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