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Job Applications

Have you ever wanted to work alongside Powerflare and co., be able to post on the blog, or have that coveted Moderator badge on your playercard in Penguin Generation—now is YOUR chance! If you have any special skill that you think may be beneficial to us, I suggest you apply for a job RIGHT NOW! Yeah, now! Because Penguin Generation needs your help.

Of course, there are specific qualifications you must have (and you must list them in the application) and rules you must follow in order to become a Moderator. Since we are few, us Moderators have to fulfill many responsibilities and since this is a non-profit occupation, work is slow. This is why we need your help to fulfill specific roles—in whatever way your gifts allow you to help.

The following are some of the rules Moderators must follow:

  • No swearing
  • No sexual content
  • No violent content
  • No revealing eyes-only PG information
  • Always do your work
  • Know your place! Remember your subordination to Powerflare  and Aggron
  • No disruptive behavior (arguments with co-workers, fans etc.)
  • Try to create content specifically for PG

Very important skills to have that are always needed around here:

  • Flash and ActionScript 2.0 coding knowledge
  • SmartFoxServer Pro 1.6.6+ knowledge
  • mySQL knowledge
  • Hosting, domain, webserver etc. knowledge
  • Digital graphics skills

If you are hired, there is a 1 month evaluation period in which if something negative happens, you can be fired almost instantaneously.


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