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Time for a “Reformation”

Hey guys.

This is a sort of sad post, but most of you probably know all along Penguin Generation has been a “Team of Two”. This was between Powerflare and I, and all the mods have pitched in pretty much a penny into the fountain. And the fountain is Powerflare and I. Powerflare and I have decided to “Reform”. Kind of like how there was corruption in the Catholic Church and then the “Reformation” began. Most of our mods are being… fired. Unfortunately, this is kind of sad because they are all our friends. We did not discuss this between any other mods. This is because whenever we do they stay for a week, then leave once again. We just need to STOP this. We are looking for people who can code, and no longer are we depending on images. Powerflare and I can handle pictures. We are stopping this, and for a long time we have given in and gave them more time. If you don’t like this idea, TALK TO ME. All the mods know they have done nothing. So all mods whom we do not know in real life are being fired. We can teach our real life friends, and we know we can. People we don’t know we can’t. Sorry, but we are making a tribute to all the penguins being fired. Even though they really don’t deserve one. Here all all the mods who have been and are being fired right now, that I have actually cared about:

  • Violin Playa: I’m sorry my buddy. You just weren’t active all the time. You would have made a great mod…
  • Fire 104: I really did like you Fire… it’s hard seeing you and Violin go. We had to though… Both of you would have been good mods, just, we need more activity from you guys. 😦
  • Frosty1297: Oh boy, ha, all the things we did with each other. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have met Powerflare… I remember those days with Jcooler… you used to hate me. xD Then we became friends, I created a blog. I met you in 2007… You were my first “online friend”… But to tell the truth you and Powerflare aren’t “online friends”. You’re real friends. Well actually Powerflare is about to be a real friend anyway. xD Those days with Fire 104… you both really helped my blog. Then I met Powerflare because he really liked my blog. xD Powerflare and I discussed how we hated how CP had changed, and so then I said my idea about going to a server where everyone wore Old Club Penguin items, etc. However, he had a much bigger dream in mind that day. Penguin Generation. We started, all was well, and everything went well. We hired you after our first real year. Then a few months later… you were hacked. In other terms, to me, you “passed” away. I cried because after that day I never saw you again… but if it wasn’t for you Penguin Generation may have not started because Powerflare and I may have not met… 😦 Thanks Frosty…
To me these are the only mods who have been and are being fired that deserve a tribute. I’m sorry guys. I hope I can still talk to you all. For now, enjoy this good-bye video which is about to be changed to a tribute for them.

29 Responses

  1. Aw, that’s sad, but if you guys think it’s the right thing to do, then it is.

  2. Saddness :(, Ever since you went inactive working on your project and stuff, you lost alot of you fan base, leaving only your loyal fans behind. Good luck to PG 🙂


  3. I though the song brightened the sad mood.

    On another subject, all I have to do is code the purchasing system (which is a pain) and I will release an update to PG. 🙂

  4. Hey powerflare, if u want to contact me send a message to my ROBLOX account, DarkThunder2.


  5. It’s sad to see the “original” team go. But like you said, they’re inactive. Nice tribute video, though.

  6. LMFAO XD dude seriously get off the computer you need to go outside or something.

  7. Like Chub said, “It’s sad to see the “original” team go” They were apart the the real PG Team, but I have a suggestion. Maybe when PG is launched, and if they ever make an account, maybe you could gave them something special, like 10,000 coins, or an exclusive item….

  8. That could be an idea, but a lot of the mods probably won’t come back because of anger at us. It’s pointless, and they for some odd reason think they should be mod without doing work. It was fine in the beginning, but it’s not ok now.

    We could give them something, but in truth I don’t see why they would deserve a “prize.”

  9. True, Alot of people want to be a mod…just for the fame. They just want a crowd. They actually don’t know what “Moderator” means. It means to keep the site SAFE not get famous. And its kinda unfair to you guys when people just ask and if they do become one…they don’t do anything but they get just as much credit as the hard working moderators get when the game launches.

    Also, most the people who ask to be a moderator don’t even know how to make a game like PG. and when people say they want to “help” and create the ideas for your game. Imagine how difficult the actionscript could be… They think of ideas that could take HOURS just to code it… (I’m getting to off topic) The point is, PG is to have fun and CHAT not have a crowd. And you can delete this, but heres my message to all of the mod wanna-bes: “If you guys want to be a mod, then learn something on the computer like CODING or creating a SERVER, Once you know that THEN TELL PG what you specialize in, and don’t say, “Images I can create images.” and maybe they will add you…And if they say no, don’t ask anymore!

    So please stop asking the PG team to be a mod, its really makes me annoyed… I’ve been here since the very beginning when Lil Potts told me about it, and I’ve seen so many post about people asking to be a mod. Its unfair guys. so let them create there game…

    – Sport

  10. ^I second that.

  11. 😀 I feel better now. Also…. Powerflare or Aggron, do you guys any idea when Beta 3.0 comes out?

  12. That’s my favorite Band!

  13. If you guys are deleting mods then you will have less help. You might need to get more help. Can I help you?

  14. No. We are removing mods because they don’t do work. We have the exact same amount of help. Also, do you even know the first thing about creating a virtual world? Plus, we don’t hire randoms.

  15. Yeah, Powerflare is right xD! Just stoppin by to check you guy’s progress, you guys are doing good! I remember back in the day when we were just trying to get Club Penguin’s permission (you’re probably thinking “What do you mean ‘we’? But I actually emailed them a couple times xD)! Its great how much progress you and Aggron are making Powerflare, keep it up! Oh yeah and by the way, I’ve been trying to play the beta but it won’t connect…any help? Thanks!


  16. @ Penguin32280607,

    You have to go on when they turn the server on.

  17. I know creating servers.

  18. Can I have a link to play the game? thx 😀

  19. Powerflare can I ask atleast for me to be on a list of old MODS? like make one. like a Staff list and theres a section for old workers.

  20. @redguin12


  21. I always thought the reason we were mods was not exactly to help with the actual game, but to moderate the chats or whatever when it actually did come out!

  22. @Penguin32280607: No. That overloads the mods who make the game, and the mods who make the game turn the server on, and while they have it on they moderate the game. Anybody can be a mod on the PG chat. You just need to be active on the chat. To be a mod on the game you need to code, etc.

  23. I suppose it’s all live and learn, right?

  24. I suppose so, yeah.

  25. @Violin: Yeah, that’s a good way to put it.

  26. Yeah do what Chub sasy make a list of old mods

  27. You Deleted Violin Playa!?! he made Rooms For you and Respected You! he was a Great Mod!!! You Should Hire He Back! He Was Great!He Was one Of My Favorites!(By The way How Did you Do The Sad Emote?)

  28. He made rooms in the first two months we started the game, then disappeared. It’s a bit different.

  29. He was a great Mod when he was here, though.

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