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  • Powerflare


Right now, Powerflare is unavailable, so please contact another mod for help. Powerflare is busy and does not want to be bothered.

To make it clear once and for all, you are only able to access the servers when Powerflare turns them on. When you get a message saying “Can’t Connect!” or something similar, that means that the server is off. There are no 24 hour servers; if Powerflare were to keep the servers on 24/7, his computer would be trashed in a matter of months, if not weeks or days. The server puts incredible strain on his computer.

24 hour servers cost an incredible about of money, so until there are funds to pay for it, there can not be a 24 hour server. Again, the server is only on when Powerflare turns it on, and usually there will be notice on the PG Twitter account or on this website if the server is turned on.

I understand that this is a very serious sounding post, but that is because this information needs to be taken seriously. Please understand this is out of our control that we can’t pay for the server.

Please have a wonderful day, even though this may put a damper on it.

-Juju 97 97, Moderator


10 Responses

  1. I completely understand. You guys are pretty much just starting on this “Penguin Generation” website so it takes serious time. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Yeah I Get it!

  3. @Bigbear24: Actually we are not just starting. Penguin Generation currently at the moment is 2.5 years old.

  4. wow thats long

  5. get a job. 😛 xD

  6. Well I don’t have the advantage of a parent part owning a business like you, tato. :/ Haha 😛

  7. Whatever, PF can go get a job. I mean come on. Even mowing some lawns for awhile, it aint that hard. I was cleaning house for weeks at a time for my money :P.

  8. why not 1 hour a day?

  9. better than nothing…

  10. HELLO!?? Would you please stop blabbering about the servers and READ THE LATEST POST!?

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