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Penguin Generation™ Summer Party!

Hello “Genguins”!

Like the joke, get it, “Gen” meaning “Generation” and then guins? Haha… Anyway. As you read in the title, the summer party is here and is still coming too! We will also have it during August! You can get the Red Lei and… the Green Sunglasses! As you can see, it’s not really one of Club Penguin™’s parties. It has decorations, items, etc. from their parties but this is our party. You will never see this party on Club Penguin. It’s really cool. I hope you enjoy the party! Also, we have a little video just for you guys to watch today (it doesn’t include the Night Club, sorry)!

-Penguin Generation™’s Aggron


17 Responses

  1. This is a total Happy77 ripoff. Who made this video? =\

  2. How to I play PG?

  3. Kinda sounds like Mexican Music, If you think about it.

  4. I’m surprised that a lot of people don’t recognize this music.

  5. Oh! Its the Summer Kick Off party, right?

  6. What are the hours that PG is online?

  7. I like the decorations at the dock. Great job!

  8. Sportace, it’s Jamaican music, I believe.

  9. Actually if you look up music swfs, click the first summer party then it plays this music.

  10. Yes, it is.

  11. Powerflare when will the server be up cause I cant get on?

  12. Bvjgbjbgh, the server is on whenever Powerflare turns it on, there is no 24 hour server yet.

  13. Powerflare is currently on vacation, so unfortunately the server will not be online until he is back. Sorry for the inconvenience but we would like him to enjoy his vacation and not have to turn servers on, work on PG, etc.

  14. Wow, you sure made major improvements. Im very impressed and might play this one instead of the other club penguin.

  15. server is always offline…

  16. If you payed any attention to what is happening, you might’ve read the most recent post on this blog. Please do that.

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