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Hey PG players!


I hope you all are enjoying the beta out right now. We’ve been very successful lately. Unfortunately, I could not make a new theme during the renovations because if we completed the secret project the theme would be much better. However, this does not stop me from creating a theme until we have that. I’m trying to make a new theme. It needs to go well with the game and all coordinate together. I need your ideas. I’m not using any of the “black/green” odd themes anymore. So please, do not suggest these. Here are some questions to think about when telling me your ideas:

  • Whats colors make you think of Penguin Generation (if you could could you please give me these in codes so I know exactly what colors/ex. ff0000=solid red)?
  • How do I think of something that coordinates the colors and the size of text to the actual layout of the theme (layout meaning where everything is)?
  • What kind of fonts do you like (I need suggestions for Apple computers and Microsoft Computers just so it’s universal)?
  • What kind of pictures would you like to see?
  • What would you like to see in the background of the site, etc.?
  • If you can think of anything else please include these also!
Please email all these suggestions to aggron@penguingeneration.com!

Please leave a comment, thanks!

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