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Website Theme and Donations

Hey PG players!


I hope you all are enjoying the beta out right now. We’ve been very successful lately. Unfortunately, I could not make a new theme during the renovations because if we completed the secret project the theme would be much better. However, this does not stop me from creating a theme until we have that. I’m trying to make a new theme. It needs to go well with the game and all coordinate together. I need your ideas. I’m not using any of the “black/green” odd themes anymore. So please, do not suggest these. Here are some questions to think about when telling me your ideas:

  • Whats colors make you think of Penguin Generation (if you could could you please give me these in codes so I know exactly what colors/ex. ff0000=solid red)?
  • How do I think of something that coordinates the colors and the size of text to the actual layout of the theme (layout meaning where everything is)?
  • What kind of fonts do you like (I need suggestions for Apple computers and Microsoft Computers just so it’s universal)?
  • What kind of pictures would you like to see?
  • What would you like to see in the background of the site, etc.?
  • If you can think of anything else please include these also!
Please email all these suggestions to aggron@penguingeneration.com!
Well, I don’t feel great being the one to ask. I would like if you guys would donate to us though. Many of you keep complaining about lots and lots of things. I hope you all realize this costs us lots of money. On Club Penguin, they have millions of players, well, they have millions of members, so that pays for all their expenses. Our expenses, all come right from us. It may seem like, “Oh, they use WordPress, I heard that’s pretty cheap.” Yes, WordPress is not as expensive as everything else, but flash is expensive. 24/7 servers are expensive. Everything is expensive. WordPress adds up too. Currently, our server can hold up to 20 connections at once, but if we keep getting bigger that amount will rise, and will cause problems because we need to pay to have more people online. So please, we would greatly except if you gives us donations. And if you do and you tell us your name, we will probably give an award to you.

Please leave a comment, thanks!

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